Jonathan Fischer

Escape From Lab 8

February 2021 – May 2021

Escape from Lab 8 is a traditional roguelike inspired by the terminal roguelikes of old, with more modern graphics, UI, and sound. While I did compose one music track for this game, the bulk of my contributions for this project were related to UI and item design.

Before I started writing any code for this project, all of the menus looked like the Unity defaults — white boxes with Liberation Sans text. I changed the font to some pixel fonts to match the artstyle, and went with white text on black backgrounds to evoke old-school computer command prompts.

I also designed and/or wrote the text for a number of the game's items. Some funnier items of mine include:

Wand of Fireball: "The only spell you'll ever need. At least, that's what the advertisements say..."
Skepsi: "The favorite soft drink of scientists, atheists, and skeptics the world round. Or is it?"
Eject Button: 7/8 chance to warp you to the elevator. 1/8 chance to instead warp all monsters to you.
Potion of Cowardice: "Tastes like chicken. You chicken."

You can download the game from the links below. Fair warning, the game features old-style, single-key commands — not even WASD movement. Press the ? key for a full controls list.