Jonathan Fischer

Portfolio Website

June 2020 – September 2020

In the middle of sophomore year, I noticed that many of my peers had websites showcasing the projects they’ve worked on, and decided it would be a good idea to have one for myself. Since I’m also a web developer, I also thought it would be best to make the website myself, rather than throwing something together with WordPress. So, once the summer rolled around, I got to work building this website you see here.

This site also serves to showcase my Ruby on Rails skills firsthand, since all of the Rails applications I’ve made in the past have been class assignments running on my local machine. It turns out that there’s more to web applications than what I learned that semester, since I never had to register a domain or deploy an application as part of class.

I knew early on that, in addition so descriptions of the projects, I wanted a tagging system and the ability to upload files and attach links to projects. The tagging system would let users quickly see what skills were most relevant to a project, while files and links would allow me to attach media content, a source code repository, or a project page on another website. I built the application around providing this functionality first, and then made small modifications to this plan as I realized other things I wanted, such as short descriptions on the project list page or thumbnail images.

As far as the visual design of the site goes, I greatly like the 3D effect created by putting shadows underneath visual elements, so I “raised” both the main content and clickable elements within the main content. As for the color scheme, purple is my favorite color, so I went with that as the accent color and an analogous blue as the secondary accent.

Anyway, I hope this site is a pleasant browsing experience! If you want to leave me any feedback, please feel free to shoot me an email at the contact link below.