Jonathan Fischer

Astral Attackers

October 2020

“Astral Attackers” is a Space Invaders clone made in Unity as a class exercise in learning the engine. While there’s nothing special here programming- or design-wise, I made all of the game audio, both sound effects and music, from scratch. Thus, I’ve included this here as a showcase of my ability to create original sound effects with a synthesizer.

The majority of the sound effects are were made by feeding an oscillator through an LFO tied to pitch. Some of these effects, such as the enemy bomb drop or the LifeUp pickup sound, use a single rising or falling LFO, while others like the player’s gun use a very fast LFO that makes the sound more atonal. Explosion sounds, meanwhile, were made by feeding a noise sound into a bitcrusher.

To emulate the “arcade” aesthetic of the original Space Invaders, I went with simple chiptune loops for the music. Except for the percussion, it uses the same synthesizer as the sound effects.