Jonathan Fischer

Pinball Pong

October 2020 – November 2020

This is my take on Pong: I made the ball have gravity and gave the paddles pinball flippers!

I came up with this idea while working on a Pong clone for a class assignment. Since it’s a simple concept, I decided to make it as a solo project for Game Bytes, a program that the CMU Game Creation Society runs to help introduce people to Unity and game development. That semester was basically the “time to learn Unity real fast” semester for me, so I wanted as much experience as possible.

The shape of the arena is deliberate. The back walls are tilted upwards so that a player can flip a ball towards the back and have it bounce up higher. The ceilings are tilted towards the net so that very high-bouncing balls will be spiked downwards at the opposing player. Meanwhile, the net has a different physics material that will absorb nearly all of the ball’s momentum, much like a real-life tennis net.

All in all, putting this together was pretty simple, all things considered. The project dates are a bit misleading — I only worked on Pinball Pong sporadically whenever my other classes and projects gave me a free weekend to do so, so the total timespan doesn’t add up to the amount of work hours spent on the project.